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Adjustable Rope Fabric Face Masks, Adult Size

Our adjustable rope face masks are for non-medical use.  We handcraft each mask using Burlington®'s Maxima® AT fabric.  This medical-grade fabric is designed for hospital gowns.  We were able to purchase a limited supply of excess fabric from the fabric mill to make masks.

These masks are light weight, breathable, reusable and constructed with tightly woven, non-listing polyester yards.

Burlington's Maxima fabrics are ideal for applications of the medical market.  It is made in a mill in North Carolina from air textured yarns that give it a cotton like aesthetic for a natural hand and better comfort in warm weather.  This is the highest quality fabric that we could source in North America for this purpose.  Our thread is sourced from A&E Elevate Textiles.

Color: Navy Blue

Style: Adjustable rope w/ toggle

Size: Adult

Fabric: Two layers: Outer fabric made from Burlington Barrier material, inside layer is made from 100% organic black cotton knit fabric.


Splash resistance (Long-lasting protection from fluids and microbes).

Microporous construction (Allows sterilization while maintaining a long shelf life).

Washable: Fluid repellant finish properties are retained for up to 75 wash cycles.

Sizing and construction: Each mask is constructed from a single layer of medical barrier fabric.  Adult sized with white non latex elastic sourced from AEC. 100% Made in the USA.  Handmade in Colorado. White Stitching on Navy Face Mask.  These are sewn in Colorado from fabric that is made in North Carolina.  Each mask is made to order.

For each mask purchased, we will donate one mask to people in need.  No returns on this product. 

Disclaimer: These fabric styles should only be used for minimum and low performance category face masks. These products should not be used in the production of N95 masks. Circular Threads makes no representations or warranties about the level of protection from Coronavirus, or viral or bacterial pathogens.


1) Outside Navy Blue Barrier fabric - Inside Organic Grey Cotton 

2) Outside Navy Blue Barrier fabric - Inside Organic Light Blue Cotton

3) Outside Upcycled Hawaiian shirt fabric - Inside Navy Blue Barrier fabric