Upcycled Flannel Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Circular Threads Upcycled Flannel Collection

Upcycled Flannel Dog Poop Bag Dispensers 

Handmade from upcycled flannel shirts that were destined for a landfill.  Hold your dog waste bags in style with a sustainable poop bag dispenser.  Now you can help us keep apparel waste out the landfill with this responsible dispenser that clips on to your leash or belt loop with a trigger snap hook. 

* Holds one standard roll of waste bags.  Bags are dispensed from a brass grommet on the bottom of the dispenser.

* Featuring a belt loop at the end of the dispenser to slide your leash through to minimize dangle.

* Approximate dimensions 3" Long by 2" wide by 1.25" tall

* YKK Brass Zipper, Stainless Steel or Brass Trigger Snap hook.  

* Includes one roll of dog waste bags.

Sewn in Colorado from old flannel shirts.